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Candev Services

Content for the official website of Candev Services (now SnapSuite) was created in collaboration with the subject matter experts.

Web-Based Training Sites

Wikispaces Tutorial is a web-based training site that was created in RoboHelp. The videos were created and edited in Captivate.

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Red Dot Marketing

A variety of collaborative posts on topics including entertainment, parks, art galleries, ceremonies, and restaurants were created for Edmonton and Calgary. I wrote and edited the original versions and proofread the finalized versions, which were created by another author who modified the original content. Below are the links to some finalized posts:


Usher Concert

Castle Downs Park

Multicultural Heritage Centre

Edmonton Valley Zoo


Korq Winehouse & Kitchen

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Contemporary Gallery

Beaulieu Gardens

Candev Services

Several blog posts on topics including content management systems, website design and marketing value, and web development process were created after conducting comprehensive research. The following are some samples:

Top 10 Popular Content Management Systems

Why Do Businesses Need a Content Management System

Indicators that You Need A New Website

Look Fabulous Now

Look Fabulous Now will showcase Avon products for various customers including direct and high-end consumers, entrepreneurs, and students. I am currently designing the entire blog as well as writing all of the blog articles.

Why I Became An Avon Representative

Avon for Men

Add Color to Your Life: Sell Avon for 3 Days

Press Releases

Toronto company creates all-in-one business management software solution press release was created to introduce Candev CRM, an Enterprise Resource Planning system to the industry.

Online Help

The following Online Help files are a sample of Modular Writing. Darwin Information Typing Infrastructure (DITA) uses three critical topic types:

  1. Task topics include XML elements that provide information about the task such as prerequisites, description, ordered or unordered steps, context, postrequisites, and examples.
  2. Concept topics include XML elements that explain an idea by sharing description, outline of the process, features, definitions, benefits, and relevant tools.
  3. Reference topics include XML elements that provide facts like short descriptions and visual cues like lists, sections, and tables.